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Plants For People!

Hi! I’m Cassandra, a plant-based health enthusiast and your trusted food ally! Let’s get started! 


I offer custom nutritional programs and food demonstrations for individuals, small groups, and businesses. For your convenience, I am available for TeleNutrition (phone, video or e-mail) conferencing or in-person appointments for individuals in the Susquehanna Valley area.

I founded Plants for People Nutrition in order to share the transformative power that choosing more whole, plant foods can have on your health and well-being! My coaching style is efficient and to-the-point.

Nourish the cells and the soul

I work with a unified approach to health & healing through promoting a diet centered around plants! A whole food, plant-based diet (WFPB) is defined by what it emphasizes: A large variety of whole foods! Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds,and minimally processed vegetarian protein(tofu, tempeh, seitan). This ideal diet can look different for each person depending on specific goals and lifestyle.

I offer science-backed and uncomplicated nutritional support combined with compassion-based understanding and guidance. Let me help you develop a plan to make a WFPB diet work for you!  

If you are seeking to prevent or reverse a chronic condition, have weight-related goals, want to stop destructive food habits, or simply want to feel your best. You may be surprised to know that by adding a few healthful foods to your current diet or making simple swaps will move you in the right direction. It’s easier than you may think! 

Recipes For People!

Simple, quick and budget-friendly recipes. Are you looking for uncomplicated, plant-based recipes that won't kill your budget or your patience? Me too! All the featured recipes have been tried out on my family. Most can be made within 30 minutes using simple staples.

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Services For People!

A variety of services ranging from 1 hr to complete dietary overhaul packages. Initial consultation is FREE!

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