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Services For People!

Plants For People Nutrition offers the following services to help you move toward incorporating more plant-based whole foods in your diet! Disclaimer: My goal is to provide science-based wellness information. The information provided are not intended to replace medical advice or diagnosis from a physician or other medical provider. I will happily work collaboratively with your wellness team.

TeleNutrition Conference

Service offered via a phone-call, Skype, e-mail, or a combination. Your conference is followed up with a detailed and personally prepared response to address all your nutritional questions. Nutritional guidance and coaching offers evidence-based solutions for dietary goals.

Grocery Store Experience

Includes a one-on-one meeting at a grocery store of your choice. If you complete a log of your current diet, I will provide feedback and offer creative solutions to any nutritional imbalances, deficiencies, or areas of improvement. Nutritional label reading, healthful shopping on a budget, specific brand suggestions.

Packages for People!

There are a variety of packages to suit every goal and budget. My most popular is a ‘1 hr TeleNutrition conference’ followed by an ‘Accountability package’ to make sure you stay on track. Inquire for details and what is recommended for you.

Personalized Nutritional Support


TeleNutrition Conference Plus


Educational Speaking for People!

I'm scheduling educational talks and actively seeking nutritional speaking opportunities!